Incredible Dwellings & Beyond is not just a designing firm that aims to obtain the full potential of your home, but it is also a friend that intends to impart its knowledge and skills to its clients. As much as we value your comfort and your lifestyle as key factors of designing your home, your convenience is given the same importance in doing a holistic perception of every project that we do. Thus, this page is dedicated to you.


IDB has two ways of making your dream house turn into reality: The In-Person Method and the E-decorating Method. These methods will help us to communicate to you and, of course, to actualize your goals for your homes in a feasible and budget-friendly manner. IDB caters more than Interior Design service but offers more option that is suitable to the needs of its clients. Want to learn more about IDB’s services? Click Here.


This is more of a conventional method on how we communicate with our clients. We personally assist and facilitate the type of service that you would like to avail. From the initial concepts up to the project’s completion, we can freshen up your home by emphasizing your comfort and lifestyle.

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E-Decorating is a new trend of communicating with our clients in an efficient way. IDB will provide guidance for you to come up with a decorating plan and will give suggestions on how to execute the ideas that you want for your homes. Through E-Decorating, your home can be transformed and renovated in your own time, on your own conditions.

How It Works


E-Decorating Questionnaire

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Design Planning and Conceptualization

A detailed and feasible proposal will be sent over to you to envision the final product you want.

Shopping List and Installation Guidelines

A budget-friendly shopping list will be given and an organized guideline on how to fulfill your dream house.